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Please text us if you have an after hours emergency or need to change tomorrow’s appointment.  Our main number can receive text messages. 

There are so many options available these days in terms of styles and finishes. We recommend that you purchase your own faucet and call us for an appointment when you have the delivery date.  We can recommend some brands that provide a quality product and those we recommend avoiding.  We can provide a standard chrome faucet, if you prefer.

Because we have one plumber and the fact that we do not offer HVAC or heating repairs, we do not offer 24-7 service. However, we do our best to respond to emergencies like leaking water heater and leaks that require the main to be shut off. Please Text if you have an after hours emergency.

We refer main line stoppages to a local drain cleaning service that provides excellent customer service at a reasonable price.  

The greatest compliment we can receive is a great review!  Please share your experience on your favorite social media platform, like Facebook, Yelp or Google.  

We are happy to say that you will find our prices to be very fair and among the most affordable in the area.   We can quote a price over the phone on many repairs and replacements that are straightforward. For diagnostic appointments and repairs that are difficult to assess without opening a wall, we do charge an hourly rate.  We communicate with you throughout the process, and let you know what a repair will cost once we know the problem, so there is no shocking, high bill at the end of the day.  We never try to up-sell to unnecessary services or repairs.

You can forward photos directly to our main number as listed on this site.  Please include a note with your name and address, so we can match the photos to the proper location and customer.

We work with folks who live out of state or travel for business all the time.  We communicate with you throughout the process, to keep you informed on the diagnosis and cost of repair.  We can conveniently email your invoice to you, which you can pay through a secure link that is included.  We accept all major credit cards or you can pay online through a checking account.  We can work with a realtor, tenant or family member to access the work location.  

We are happy to provide a written report for negotiation purposes between the buyer and seller.  There is a charge of $250 to assess the items on the inspection report and write an estimate to make necessary repairs. If there is no code violation or no problem is found, we will document that as well.  If the buyer or seller uses our services to make the repairs, we will credit the assessement/report writing fee to the invoice.

Quick & Reliable Plumbing Services

You can count on us.  We will get you on the calendar, usually within the week. We provide a two-hour arrival window so you are not stuck waiting all day.  Our plumber will give you 30 minutes notice of his arrival time.